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The home for the elderly and the disabled "Zaplanje – My Home" provides the following services:

·   residence

·   nutrition

·   social-psychological assistance and support

·   healthcare and general care and safety

·   physical medicine and rehabilitation

·   labor therapy and occupational therapy, cultural, entertainment and recreational activities

·   hairdresser and barbers’ services

·   laundry and ironing

·   club services

·   daily stay for the elderly for an unlimited number of hours (in the event that your commitments prevent you from taking care of an elderly and sick member of your household)

·   temporary accommodation for a certain number of days or during the weekend, with the possibility of transportation (in the event that you are unable to take care of an elderly and sick member of your household temporarily or for a certain number of days)

The rooms for residence are categorized and intended for beneficiaries, dependent on their abilities, mobility and self-service in meeting the basic living needs, with equipment which is essential for comfortable and high-quality accommodation of the elderly.

Nutrition is varied and intended for the elderly population, and follows certain norms.

The social-psychological assistance and support is primarily reflected in providing assistance to the beneficiaries in the adaptation to the conditions of living in the home, as well as establishing and maintaining stable family relations.

Healthcare and supervision are provided in the institution 24h a day. Physician, social worker, medical technicians and nurses care for the health of the beneficiaries of the home for the elderly “Zaplanje - My Home”.

If required, our home includes the services of the neuropsychiatrist, internist and physiotherapist.

There are daily inspections of vital parameters, regular implementation of therapy, both oral and every form of parenteral therapy required by the beneficiaries and based on the doctors’ orders.

The beneficiaries’ free time is arranged according to their interests, and remaining abilities and is realized through the following:

·   everyday socialization

·   chess and board games

·   educational and information activities

·   creative-recreational activities

·   workshops

·   entertainment

·   outings and trips

The club of the home organizes social gatherings, dances, various sports and recreational competitions, as well as culture and entertainment programs.

The home for adults and the elderly "Zaplanje – My Home" strives for providing a high-quality comprehensive assistance to the elderly with foreseen content and a sense of security and belonging.


Nutrition is organized according to the health state and needs of the beneficiary.

It consists of three meals, with two snacks, if required. The menu is made by the Beneficiary Nutrition Team, which consists of the following:

nutritionist, social worker, head nurse, procurement agent and one representative of the beneficiary.

The currently valid menu is placed next to the dining room.

The beneficiaries may adjust their nutrition according to their health, religious creed or habits.

There is the possibility of preparing specially-ordered meals.


When received, the laundry of the beneficiary is marked and designated to the beneficiary’s name.

Laundry services and ironing services are performed in the laundry room.

Based on the support level required by the beneficiary, the laundry is picked up independently or is collected, taken and returned by the employees.

Personal underwear, linen and clothes of the beneficiary are washed when required, and at least once per week.


Dependent on the health of the beneficiary, the hairdresser and barber’s services are provided in the beneficiary’s room or at the hairdresser’s.

Shaving beneficiaries who are unable to perform this task by themselves is conducted twice per week.

Hair is cut once per month.



Activities which include assistance and support, aimed at satisfying the basic needs and securing a safe and pleasant environment of the beneficiary, and in accordance with the estimation of the beneficiaries’ needs, include the following:

·   Everyday socilaization

·   Assistance in dressing and changing

·   Assistance in feeding and keeping personal hygiene (showering and bathing)

·   Assistance in walking

·   Assistance in maintaining the hygiene of the mouth cavity, legs and nails

·   Assistance in performing physiological needs

·   Assistance in maintaining the cleanliness of the bed and space

·   Cleaning common rooms, rooms and appertaining sanitation facilities

·   Assistance in maintaining the living space and keeping personal items

·   When required, escorting the beneficiary to the required departments outside the institution

Activities of assistance and support aimed at satisfying the basic needs and the insurance of a safe and pleasant environment of the beneficiary, and based on the estimation of the beneficiary’s needs, include the following:


All the activities related to the admission and stay of the beneficiaries in the home are planned and realized through a team centered around work therapists. The aim is the maximum participation of the beneficiaries themselves through the following activities:

·   gathering and socialization with people who share the same interests – daily

·   educational – informative: using the existing library, following TV programs and video recordings,

    following the daily press and other press, listening to music

·   cultural – entertainment: music and poetry evenings, events with suitable content, celebration of

    personal and general anniversaries and holidays, common celebrations of

    the beneficiaries’ birthdays,

·   single-day outings: visiting the countryside, monastery tours, socializing with beneficiaries

    from other institutions,

·   religious: liturgy and communion of the beneficiaries during the long fasting periods

    in cooperation with the church and the clergy

·   work – occupational activities of beneficiaries with the first and second level of support: identification, drawing, painting, cutting paper applications, working with tests, playing certain board games, solving jigsaw puzzles, rearranging letters, exercises of self-service and taking care of oneself.

The beneficiaries will be able to realize their interests, desires and affinities through the work of the following clubs:

·   music club (singing, playing musical instruments)

·   poetry club

·   drama club

·   club for making souvenirs, creation of various souvenirs, making Easter arrangements and coloring

·   Easter eggs, making New Year decorations and cards, and work with decorative paper

    literary club for writing prose and poetry

·   chess club

·   board game club: dominoes, Parcheesi, darts, balls, cards, jigsaw puzzles,

    as well as visits and walks through the park

·   Living space decoration club

» SOCIAL LIFE – In our home, it is always devised in a totally different way.

The social life of the beneficiaries, devised by a social worker, involves birthday celebrations, significant calendar dates, creative thematic workshops, and the beneficiaries whose health permits it are occasionally included in the cultural events of the city of Niš.

The social worker and work therapist make sure that they spend their time in a useful way.

Our task is to create a pleasant environment and high quality of life for our beneficiaries. We try to achieve that everyone has their own privacy and company, when they wish.

We organize the celebrations of the patron saint’s days in cooperation with the family, as well as celebrations of birthdays, holidays, outings etc.





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