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SVETI SAVA 8b, NIŠ, (Gadžin Han)  tel: (+381) 018 850 400




The home for the elderly and the disabled "Zaplanje – My Home" is situated in a nice, low-traffic part of Gadžin Han, at the foot of Suva Planina, at the very bank of the Kutinska river, 17km from the centre of Niš. With the aim of creating a home that will be comfortable and safe for our beneficiaries, and thus meet the needs of the elderly, and driven by the difficulties when attempting to provide adequate care to certain members of our families, we have decided to adhere to the standards that we wish our loved ones to have.

The beneficiaries have 24-hour care and supervision from doctors with medical staff and nurses, who take care of everyday activities (verification of vital parameters, regular implementation of therapies, whether oral or any type of parenteral therapy dependent on the needs of the beneficiary and the doctors’ orders), healthcare, support in the struggle against disease.

The physiotherapist is responsible for the work with patients who need physical therapy, for the purpose of achieving the fastest possible recovery and independent movement, e.g. after hip fractures, strokes etc.

The social life of the beneficiary is conceived by a social worker who is present on a daily basis, with the aim of protecting the rights of the beneficiaries, as well as to make their everyday life more pleasant through creative workshops, outings and socialization.

Trained personnel works with the beneficiaries who suffer from a high level of dementia and Alzheimer’s, with constant supervision.

For the beneficiaries’ requirements, we have associate doctors – consultants that we invite if there are specific health issues, professionals in the field of psychiatry, neurology, orthopedics and other specialty fields.

The home is in the immediate vicinity of the centre of Gadžin Han municipality, in a peaceful street, with its own parking lot for 30 vehicles. It was built on the lot of approximately 4000 m². The building has a ground floor + three floors + top floor, with approximately 2500 m2 of usable space. The yard has been cultivated and arranged so that the beneficiaries of the home are able to take walks, relax and reside in the open space, equipped with benches for sitting. It has also been arranged with walkways along which various decorative plants were planted, where the beneficiaries of our home are able to enjoy the clean air and the view of the Kutinska river, as well as Suva Planina itself.

The home contains 62 rooms, each with a toilet, and bathroom which is suitable for the conditions of the usual living standard – most of the rooms have a balcony, and are equipped with high quality furniture, LCD TV sets, and a panic button.

All the rooms in our home are spacious, have a lot of daylight. They are pleasant to reside in and comfortable.

Apart from the rooms for accommodation in the home, there are common rooms for daily relaxation, where the beneficiaries can socialize, watch TV, make handcrafts, read books from the home’s library, which has more than 200 titles, and other activities. Free wireless internet access (WiFi) is available for all guests.

Our building also contains a modern kitchen with a dining room for serving food. The home has air-conditioning, two modern elevators, so that the beneficiaries can use all the benefits, regardless of the level of their mobility.

» The home for the elderly and the disabled has received a license to operate,

by Ministry of Labor, Employment, and Social Issues.

The license was filed on 01/02/2017 under number 234 by the Ministry.





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